5 Body Types and the Right Christian Louboutin Shoes For Them

If you are like a few women who would like to choose the right kind of shoes based on their body type then you can certainly go ahead and do so. There are five major body types that a woman’s figure can be characterized and let us look at the kind of shoes that will suit those body types.

The apple shape

This is the kind of woman’s body that is top heavy when compared to the bottom part of the frame. This is the kind of woman that can choose any of the shoes from the range of Christian Louboutin shoes that have straps, sandals with lots of straps on them somewhat like the gladiator style of shoes and shoes that look heavy so that it can evenly balance out the heavier part of their torso.

The pear shape

This is the kind of shape that is heavy at the thighs and hips rather than the very top. This kind of woman will certainly wish for her legs to look slender. She can try any of the shoes that have high heels and are delicate. She should never have shoes that have ankle straps that will only go on to accentuate the heavier legs.

Lean and muscular

A woman who has a fabulously well-toned body should certainly go for amazing shoes that are sleek and delicate. There are plenty of Christian Louboutin fake of this kind. These will not only be easy to slip in and out, but also be able to wear them throughout the day without feeling uncomfortable. These are the kind of shoes that will allow you to be able to show off your suntanned slender never ending legs.

Ankle travails

If you have ankles that are very thick and somewhat like that of a football player then you do not need give way to despair as you can go ahead and disguise them. The high heeled strappy shoes will be just right to make your feet look definitely longer and slender than it actually is. If you are the kind who likes boots then boots will also be the right thing to wear as this will help in concealing your ankles and you will not feel self-conscious about them.


There are several scores of women out there who wish that they were taller. There is hardly any woman who is happy with her height. For a taller look go for boots that are long and reach up to your thighs along with high stiletto heels. This will ensure that you tend to look taller than what you are.

Another thing that you can keep in mind is that the research which asked several women about their body image showed that none of those women were satisfied with the way their bodies looked. Therefore, if you feel that you don’t have the perfect figure you do not need to lose hope as the right shoes can certainly help you disguise the flaws.