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Louboutin Shoes – The Way to Attract the Opposite Sex

Picture this, you’re dressed for a night out on the town, you have on your little black dress, your favorite hoop earrings, sparkling stack bracelets, all that’s missing are the shoes. You already know which shoes match your outfit perfectly. You have seen them a million times in fashion and tabloid magazines being worn by others. The signature red sole, the “dare you to walk on me” height, they are Louboutin shoes. These Louboutin shoes take a little black dress and turn it into something more. Louboutin shoes can make that dress look like it came right off the runway of a famous designer. If you had chosen those black flip flops you always wear, the dress looks less designer and more bargain basement.

Now picture yourself lounging around at home, jeans and a tee make up your attire. You realize that you are out of milk and need to run down to the corner store to grab some. Normally you would just throw on your old sneakers and head down the street but you think twice. Last time you went to the store that cute neighbor of yours was there. Do you really want him to see you in your old ratty sneakers? No way. You run to the closet and there they are your replica Louboutin shoes, the ones that you can wear with jeans and make it look like you spent hours on your outfit. Yes, those are the ones, the ones that will get that cute neighbor to look at you and say. “Wow”. With just the right Louboutin shoes, you can definitely go places, and even meet your potential husband!